REVU Stream Viewer Adjustments

When in the RE•VU Viewer, there are a few adjustments that can be made to change the layout or adjust the stream quality. All these options are located on the toolbar on the top right of the Viewer page:

Some information on the various options, from left to right:

  • AUTO-SOLO: This is the first thing that you want to select for clear audio. It is off by default, so should always be turned on and green.
  • MUTE: Mute button for audio.
  • MASTER: Audio Controls for different streams, you can control master volume or click into the sliders for different stream level adjustments.
  • REFRESH: Refreshes all the streams.
  • VIDEO OPTIONS: Cog wheel. This controls video quality options, as well as your latency.
  • LAYOUT: This allows you to switch between grid or switcher view.
  • FULLSCREEN: Goes full screen with selected layout.

The most important options to the viewing experience are AUTO SOLO set to green and VIDEO OPTIONS set to Passthrough and a BUFFER between 500 - 1000ms.