FontAgent - Troubleshooting / Known Issues

Accidentally deleted a server tag and need to fully sync again

⁉️  I hit the little x on a server-sourced tag and now it won't come back when I try to sync.

    • Mac

      Hold down  Option-Shift  and hit the  Sync  button. That will resync the entire database, including any server-based tags.

    • PC

      Hold down the  control  key while hitting the Sync button.

      • If you hover over the sync button there is a tool tip that lets you know how to do a “forced” sync.
      • A forced sync will resync all the fonts and tags and other associated tags and info from the server.
      • If you have a large number of fonts this may take some time, as it is a complete resync of you resources

Cannot reset password from Client

⁉️  I get an error when trying to reset my password from the Client


    This is a known bug in the current (9.6) Client.  Follow the steps below to reset your password.

    1. Go to  and click Forgot Password. 

    2. Enter your email and click Submit then Ok. 

    3. Go to the email you should have received and click " please click here ."

    4. You will set your new password and click  Save Changes . You should get a confirmation message when finished.

Cinema4D gives me a font agent error.

⁉️  I get an error when trying to open files using our fonts in Cinema4D


    This is a known issue because C4D doesn't work well with FontAgent, so the font will likely need to be installed directly on the machine. 

    If we have a commercial desktop license for the font and the user already has a seat to use it in FontAgent, then it's ok to install directly as long at it is a Fox-owned machine.

    Reach out to the Product team in #et-help to provide the font installation file. 

Mac Client

⁉️  Oops! I deleted a shared set in my Mac Client and now it won't sync back!


    Ask an admin to re-save the set on the server. You should be able to get it back once you sync again.

    ADMIN:  Just click  Save  on the set's  INFO  tab. If that isn't enough, then change something and save. Once the user re-syncs you can change it back.

⁉️  Oops! My Mac sync button is greyed out and I have no updates from the server.


    Try closing and restart the client. It should return to normal.

PC Client

Crash Triggers

  1. If you try to  remove fonts from a Set, it might crash the client.
  2. If you drag around a set/subset on the side bar  to change the order or move in/out, it can crash the client and corrupt your database. (see below)
  3. If you try to un-share a Set it might crash the client.
    1. It  looks like it disconnects your Set instance from the Server when you restart the client, but it will reconnect once you sync with the server again.

Interface Issues

⁉️  Sometimes Sets show up empty.

    • Try syncing again. There seems to be a delay.
    • You can also try closing the client and reopening it.
    • Creating and accessing Smart Sets can cause your client to hang.
      • It doesn't seem to crash though if you just wait it out.

Corrupted Database

⁉️  Sometimes Sets are not listed even after re-syncing and having Admin re-save set


    This can be caused if the client crashed while you were moving a set in the side bar.

    Your database file may be corrupt. Follow these steps to reset it.

    1. Close FontAgent client.

    2. In Windows Explorer, go to  View  and make sure  Hidden Files  is checked.

    3. Navigate to  C:\Users\(your shortname)\AppData\Roaming\Insider Software\FontAgent 9\

    4. You'll see a file called  FontAgentPro.s3db

    5. Either rename the file to something like _FontAgentPro.s3db  or just delete it . It will be recreated when you reopen the client.


    6. Reopen FontAgent Client.

    7. You'll have a dialog box that needs you to pick a folder for the new database. The default path should already be there, but if not, just browse to the path listed above. Click Create FontAgent Folder.

    8. When your client opens, it will look as if you just did a fresh install. All you need to do now it sync with the server  again.

Adobe Fonts

There are some known issues, especially with Adobe Fonts since those use their own Font Management system and are not integrated into any other font manager.

Issue Description OS
Ability to preview, add to set, and tag PC
There is right click function (Add to set, etc) on fonts in VIS server.No right click function for Adobe Creative Cloud Fonts PC
Save Adobe Fonts in sets (get wiped out when you sync to server) MAC (Big Sur)
Ability to include Adobe Fonts in Smart sets (ignores tags added to the Adobe Fonts.) MAC (Big Sur)

From Leith: " keep in mind that the adobe fonts that are shown in FontAgent on both Mac and PC are being shown via their own database. This to allow user to preview them on the PC side and create new sets and tag them on the Mac site currently."

Adobe Comments from FontAgent (MAC v9.6)

From Leith: " Adobe Fonts and Tagging - to create tags for adobe fonts you can create a new set from selection of the adobe fonts and add a tag which will put it in as a pointer to the FontAgent database so that you can search by tag."


 From  Laurel : When I tried to make set with Adobe fonts, the fonts were wiped out every time I sync with the server even on a local set. This was reported to Leith. (my OS: Big Sur)

I was also unable to bring the fonts into smart sets even though they were tagged. (Before and after:)



Adobe Comments from FontAgent (PC v9.6)

From Leith: 

"Adobe fonts for the PC version of the software is a little bit different because it's Microsoft and we are working with our developers to make this work in the next release.

Please keep in mind that the Adobe fonts are not in our database therefore it is difficult for us to control them we put the Adobe fonts in there so user can preview them from the Adobe fonts folder. Just little easier than going to another location to look at them they're also pre-activated because Adobe creative suite reactivates those fonts. Development is where this issue and they are working towards making a update in the next release of the software.

You can preview the fonts on the window side by selecting the appropriate view. Go to the list view. Do you preview the fonts.

see screenshot."

Additional Resources

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