Delivery Spec: To Paramount Global (VAST)


Ad Serving VAST
Video Format Profile .mp4
Video Codec h.264
Video Format .mp4
Video Dimensions All videos should be in a HD aspect Ratio (16:9) Specific dimensions below.
Video will auto-scale correctly
Video Aspect ratio 16:9
Video duration Paramount accepts a variety of length creatives, standards include :15, :30, :60*, :90*.
Any Tag submitted Can only contain a creative of a single length.
For example, if a tag contains a :15, it must only contain a :15, but can rotate up to 10 creatives. If 30s are
part of the creative rotation, they must be submitted in a second tag, that only contains 30 second creative
(Max rotation of 10). *Assets longer than :30 are only available for mid roll inventory..
Video Frame Rate Frame Rate: 23.98 (23.976), or 29.97
Constant frame rate (native only)
No de-interlacing with no frame blending
Remove any Telecine or 3:2 pull-down added for broadcast
Video Bit Rate / Constant? 15 – 30 Mbps
Video Bit Depth  
Video Fields Progressive Only
Video Color Space  
Video Maximum File Size 1.7 GB Max
Video Notes  
Audio Channels 2 Channels only
Audio Mapping  
Audio Sample Rate 48 kHz Sample Rate
Audio Codec AAC
Audio Bitrate 192 KBPS minimum
Audio Notes 16 or 24 bit only
Audio Loudness Average: -24 LUFS +/- 2 LUFS based on ATSC A/85 Measurement standard
• Max Peak: Should never exceed -6db
Naming Convention Logic  
Naming Convention Example(s)


Naming Convention Notes


About this Specification

NOTE: Starting September 2022 Paramount Global will no longer support VPAID

Not available for live stream sponsorships or feature sponsorships. All assets for sponsored content must
use the "Paramount Global Hosted Video In-Stream Ad with Companion" specifications

Submission Instructions Please submit the VAST tag via e-mail to your Paramount Global representative.

Deadlines: CBS Interactive requires that all creative be submitted 3-5 business days prior to launch date.

All Assets below this line are required to be present in the VAST tag

VAST Transcodes:

*Referred to in IAB specs as “Media Files” section on page 29*

Required Assets

Required Bit Rate

Codecs Accepted

Min Dimensions

Max File Size

Use Cases

15 – 30

(High Profile)


1.7 GB Max

Mezzanine File
Required for SSAI Environments

Bit Rate

Codecs Accepted

Min Dimensions

Max File Size
Based on duration

Use Cases




2,100 kbps
+/- 50 kbps

(High Profile)





High bandwidth users

1,500 kbps
+/- 50 kbps

(High Profile)





Standard asset for most users

750 kbps
+/- 50 kbps

(High Profile)





Standard asset for users and pre roll

375 kbps
+/- 50 kbps

(High Profile)





Low bandwidth users

All Assets above this line are required to be present in the VAST tag

II. VPAID Assets (Desktop Only)
NOTE: Starting September 2022 Paramount Global will no longer support VPAID


Specs for
.mp4 asset
within the .JS
assets listed


Bit Rate

Codecs Accepted

Min Dimensions

Max File Size

Use Cases





700 kbps
+/- 50

Java Script only





Custom creative development


  • mp4 Asset Only
  • 2 Channels only, AAC Codec, 192 KBPS minimum,16 or 24 bit only, 48 kHz Sample Rate,
  • Audio Loudness Average: -24 LUFS +/- 2 LUFS based on ATSC A/85 Measurement standard
  • Max Peak: Should be between -8db and -10db never to exceed -6db

III. Important Notes Specific to VPAID

  • VPAID Assets are only available for use in the desktop environment
  • Paramount Global only accepts Java Script for VPAID asset.  Flash assets are not supported.

IV. Important Notes General to third party served assets

  • VAST 3.0 and VAST 2.0 are supported; VAST 1.1 is not supported.
  • "Fourth-party" wrapping of a VAST tag or any billing pixel within it, is not allowed.
  • IAS, DV, and MOAT VPAID is not accepted.
  • All tags must be SSL compliant.  Client must provide https tags and assets (instead of http)
  • Ad server Creative ID required in VAST XML
  • Creatives in rotation should be limited to a max of 10.
  • Paramount Global does not accept two :15 second spots from the same or different brand(s) to form a :30 second commercial. Each brand’s advertisement should stand alone and represent one commercial.
  • *Double Spotting is also not accepted
  • Max file weight for odd length creative should follow sizing pattern based on the :15,:30, & :60 durations listed.

V. Tracking

Tracking Available

Paramount Global is able to run the full host of IAB tracking metrics. Including but not limited to:

  • Impression
  • Quartile Tracking: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Clicks
  • Mute/Un-mute
  • Full screen

Ad validation

  • Blocking of video delivery is strictly prohibited by VCBS
  • 1x1 tracking tags are accepted for monitoring only (No Java Script)
  • Viewability can only be tracked via Vendor integration and is desktop only
  • 1x1 tracking viewability tracking is available. Measured via Google, based on MRC definition (50% pixels for 2 consecutive seconds)



Questions about this opportunity

Please contact your Paramount Global sales representative.

Technical questions about your creative


Output / Destination Details


Reference to Workflow Documentation

(attached pdf)

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