Access REVU as a Viewer

Getting Started

  1. Check inbox for email from FOX RE•VU <>. When it arrives, click Accept Invitation.

  2. This will redirect to the RE•VU website to register for an account. (NOTE: RE•VU currently only works in Chrome browser.) Enter the required information then click Register.



  3. Once registered, the browser will prompt you for verification via email. Check for the verification email to arrive, usually takes 3-5 minutes. There is no need to click Resend unless it takes more than 30 minutes. Make sure to check spam.

  4. Once the email comes in, click Verify Email. Go back to the browser window and select your Organization. You now should have access to the viewer and its streams. You are all set!

NOTE: Login page for RE•VU is, and you must use Chrome Browser.

Mobile Login Steps:

NOTE: RE•VU app is currently iOS only. You must first create an account through a Chrome browser webpage before you can sign into the mobile app.

  1. Download the RE•VU app from the App Store:

  2. When logging in, you must create a PIN for quick mobile login. Make sure to remember this PIN, as it will be used to quickly sign in to the mobile app each time you open.