FontAgent - Sync with FontAgent server

💡 You'll want to sync regularly to keep aligned with the rest of the team.

When you first open the client you will only see your system fonts, and possibly an Adobe Fonts folder.



You need to sync with the server for the initial font set download. To get the FOX licensed font collection, follow these steps.



It may take some time to download, but once finished you should have a new shared Set with all the available licensed fonts.

To resync the whole Database (not just changes):

Mac: Hold down Option-Shift and hit the Sync button. That will resync the entire database, including any server-based tags.

PC: Hold down the control key while hitting the Sync button.

  • If you hover over the sync button there is a tool tip that lets you know how to do a “forced” sync.
  • A forced sync will resync all the fonts and tags and other associated tags and info from the server.
  • If you have a large number of fonts this may take some time, as it is a complete resync of you resources