Delivery Spec: To Amazon FreeVee Streaming TV Ads


Ad Serving First party (site served) or third party
Video Format Profile  
Video Codec H.264, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4
Video Format MP4 (Site serving)
Video Dimensions 1920x1080
Video Aspect ratio 16:9
Video Required duration A duration of 15s, 20s (DE & UK only) or 30s is required for Amazon Publisher Services (APS) and Amazon O&O. For third-party exchange inventory, any duration is accepted at the discretion of the publisher.
Video Frame Rate 23.976 (recommended), 24, 25, or 29.97
Video Bit Rate / Constant? 4mbps - 8mbps (recommended) 
Video Bit Depth  
Video Fields  
Video Color Space  
Video Maximum file size 500MB
Video Notes  
Audio Channels Minimum of 2-Channels
Audio Mapping  
Audio Sample Rate 44.1kHz or 48kHz
Audio Codec PCM or AAC
Audio Bitrate 192kbps minimum
Audio Notes  
Naming Convention Logic  
Naming Convention Example(s)


Naming Convention Notes


About this Specification

Additional Streaming TV ad requirements

  • Only available in US, DE and UK
  • Site serving requires an MP4 video file
  • Pillarbox or letterbox formatting is accepted, however, Streaming TV ads with both pillarbox and letterbox in the same ad will not be accepted
  • Streaming TV ads are delivered in non-clickable environments so they should not include call-to-action elements that encourage clicking (e.g., a button shape that says “learn more”)
  • Third party impression tracking is accepted for specific vendors, please consult your Amazon Ads representative for details

Interactive Ad Elements

Interactive Ad Elements (IAE) include capabilities that change the ad (e.g. on screen engagement) or enable engagement on a secondary device (e.g. QR code or Alexa).

Endemic campaigns that do not link to an Amazon page cannot leverage custom targeting segments.

We strongly encourage the use of the Amazon Studio QR code template. Advertiser submitted QR codes will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

CX Guidelines

IAE must:

  • Be displayed for a minimum of 10 consecutive seconds.
  • Drive to an app or a page that complies with Amazon specs and policies set to protect mobile users. Ensure the content being advertised matches the landing page and maintains customer safety.
  • QR codes that drive to a website must link to a mobile-optimized page.
  • Drive to a site or mobile app/app store compatible with the smartphone.

IAE must not:

  • Primary is defined as a feature image showcasing the product that enables the viewer to attribute the ad to a specific product.
  • Obstruct text or primary content that may help customers make an informed decision.
  • Obstruct any disclaimers, disclosures, claims, product information, rating information,
  • Obstruct entire visuals of the primary product shot or primary logo being advertised

Partial logo and product coverage is permitted when:

  • Please note that this is product-specific - any disclaimers, disclosures, claims, product information, rating information still cannot be covered.
  • Multiple products are in the frame and only a portion of the product is covered
  • Attribution has been clearly understood by the viewer in primary product shot logo, enabling the secondary shot to have partial coverage.
  • The user has taken an action on the IVA and therefore shown intent.

Output / Destination Details


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